Client Policy


We hate spam just as much as you do. We will never share your information with third parties unless required to do so by law or requested by you. The information we collect from you will be used to maintain your services with us and to represent the quality of our work to others, such as in our online portfolio.


If Codesaces IT solutions Pvt Ltd. registers a domain name for a client and provide hosting, Codesaces IT solutions Pvt Ltd. will be responsible for changes, up-gradation. Domain & Hosting renewal fee will be charged every year. If client uses his domain name & hosting, Codesaces IT solutions Pvt Ltd. will not be responsible for any changes, up-gradation, damages in domain & hosting.


If the client fails to give feedback on the design mock-u p within ten business days, by default, the mock-up is approved. If the client later wishes to change the design, additional charges may apply.


If the client has requested the design including photos, then it is client’s responsibility to provide all the photos and if the client fails to provide the required photo within same ten business days, a substitute photo may be used. If the client later wishes to change the substitute photo, additional charges may apply. Client can use our photos or banner with a certain charges.


If client wants to meet our software developer then he/she has to come to our premises with a prior intimation according to our work schedule. No engagement will be held from our side if client comes without prior intimation in our premises. There is no facility to send any software developer or designer to client‘s place.


  • PROJECT FEES – One-half of the initial website design and development fees is due upon project initiation. Upon project completion, the remaining balance is due in full within five business days.
  • GOING LIVE –Once the remaining balance is paid in full, the completed website will be moved from the staging server to the client’s server so the website will go live.
  • MONTHLY FEES –Payment for monthly services such as Hosting, Maintenance & SEO services will be cleared 10days of starting of every month. Codesaces IT solutions Pvt Ltd.charges a late fee of 10% of the total outstanding balance for invoices not paid by the end of the calendar month. If client fails to clear all outstanding balance, services will be terminated.
  • NON-PAYERS –If the balance on a completed project has not been paid within ten business days, a 10% penalty will be added on remaining balance. Balances that are not paid within 30 days will be reported to a credit bureau. Balances that are not paid within 60 days will be turned over to a collections agency.

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